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AS 175
AS 175
AS 175


The movement shown here is a pre WW-II cylinder movement by AS, most probably an AS 175, at least as identified by the Flume K1 Werksucher. Since there are also two stamped digits on the dial side, there's a small possibility, that this movement is one of its precessors, maybe an AS 67.

It has got a cylinder escapement and a classically constructed gear layout with distinct bridges. Altogether, only seven jewels were used. Those kinds of movements are as precise as a chronometer, they might gain or lose several minutes a day and from time to time even stop. The specimen displayed here does exactly that, too.

An interesting fact is, that one the dial-side there's a rocking bar winding mechanism, which winds the mainspring there, but on the movement side, there's the click spring for it. And what the crown wheel of the winding system is for, is unknown, since it has no use at all.

dial side view
dial side view

Technical data

Manufacturer AS
Caliber 175
Number of jewels 7
Escapement cylinder
Shock protection(s) none
Balance cock direction counterclockwise
Hairspring stud fixed
Regulator type Long regulator arm
Movement construction Escapement wheel
Fourth wheel
Third wheel, Center wheel
Mainspring barrel
Functions Hour, minute
Beats per hour 18000
Size 101/2'''
Image in Flume Werksucher  1947 101

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