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Here you can find the list all major watch movement manufacturers.

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Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
A SHIELD (ASWatch Mainspring NOSComplete Balance New Old Stock (NOS)
BFG- BaumgartnerWinding stems - NOS
CitizenSetting Lever Spring NOSETA Watch Movements Case Clamp
ETAWave Washer
EternaSetting Lever Spring – New Old Stock
Favre Leuba
FEF- Fleurier
FE (France Ebauches)
FHF - Font
Standard - ST

Reference parts list:

Ebauches SA Watch movement spare parts reference
Ebauches SA Watch movement spare parts reference
  • Part No. 100 Plate
  • Part No. 105 Barrel bridge
  • Part No. 110 Train wheel bridge
  • Part No. 121/3 Balance cock
  • Part No. 125 Pallet cock
  • Part No. 126 Center wheel cock
  • Part No. 182 Barrel and cover
  • Part No. 195 Barrel arbor
  • Part No. 206 Center wheel
  • Part No. 210 Third wheel
  • Part No. 218 Third wheel, for lower end-piece
  • Part No. 227 Sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 245 Cannon pinion
  • Part No. 255 Hour wheel
  • Part No. 260 Minute wheel
  • Part No. 307 Regulator with adjustable stud holder
  • Part No. 336 Upper cap jewel with end-piece. For esc. wheel
  • Part No. 343 Bearing plate, non-jeweled, for sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 346 Lower cap jewel with end-piece, for esc. Wheel
  • Part No. 347 Lower cap jewel with end-piece, for third wheel
  • Part No. 401 Winding stem
  • Part No. 407 Clutch wheel
  • Part No. 410 Winding pinion
  • Part No. 415 Ratchet wheel
  • Part No. 420 Crown wheel
  • Part No. 422 Crown wheel ring
  • Part No. 425 Click
  • Part No. 430 Click spring
  • Part No. 435 Yoke
  • Part No. 440 Yoke spring
  • Part No. 443 Setting lever
  • Part No. 445 Setting lever spring
  • Part No. 450 Setting wheel
  • Part No. 462 Minute work cock
  • Part No. 702 Escape wheel and pinion for two end-pieces
  • Part No. 705 Escape wheel and pinion with straight pivots
  • Part No. 710 Jeweled pallet fork and staff
  • Part No. 714 Pallet staff
  • Part No. 721 Balance with flat hairspring, regulated
  • Part No. 728 Balance staff for shock-protecting device
  • Part No. 730 Roller
  • Part No. 770 Mainspring
  • Part No. 3002 Shock-protecting device, upper
  • Part No. 3003 Shock-protecting device, lower
  • Part No. 5101 Case screw
  • Part No. 5102 Case screw, special
  • Part No. 5105 Barrel bridge screw
  • Part No. 5110 Train wheel bridge screw
  • Part No. 5121 Balance cock screw
  • Part No. 5125 Pallet cock screw
  • Part No. 5126 Center wheel cock screw
  • Part No. 5335 Upper end-piece screw, for escape wheel
  • Part No. 5343 Bearing plate screw, lower sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 5346 Lower end-piece screw, for escape wheel
  • Part No. 5347 Lower end-piece screw, for third wheel
  • Part No. 5415 Rachet wheel screw
  • Part No. 5420 Crown wheel screw
  • Part No. 5425 Click screw
  • Part No. 5443 Setting lever screw
  • Part No. 5445 Screw tor setting lever spring
  • Part No. 5462 Screw for minute work cock
  • Part No. 5738 Hairspring stud screw
  • Part No. 5750 Dial Screw

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