Valjoux Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Valjoux.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
VAL 332Valjoux 62Valjoux 7733
Valjoux 22Valjoux 62KVCValjoux 7734
Valjoux 222Valjoux 65Valjoux 7735
Valjoux 225Valjoux 68SSGValjoux 7736
Valjoux 23Valjoux 69Valjoux 7737
Valjoux 230Valjoux 69DXValjoux 7738
Valjoux 232Valjoux 70Valjoux 7739
Valjoux 234Valjoux 71Valjoux 7740
Valjoux 235Valjoux 71GHHValjoux 7741
Valjoux 236Valjoux 72Valjoux 7750
Valjoux 237Valjoux 720Valjoux 7751
Valjoux 23CValjoux 721Valjoux 7753
Valjoux 23VZValjoux 723Valjoux 7754
Valjoux 24Valjoux 724Valjoux 7755
Valjoux 24KVValjoux 725Valjoux 7757
Valjoux 25SRVValjoux 726Valjoux 7758
Valjoux 26VHValjoux 728Valjoux 7760
Valjoux 32Valjoux 729Valjoux 7761
Valjoux 320Valjoux 72CValjoux 7765
Valjoux 321Valjoux 72CVZHCValjoux 7767
Valjoux 32FValjoux 72VZHValjoux 7768
Valjoux 330Valjoux 730Valjoux 7770
Valjoux 33FRValjoux 73VZMValjoux 78VZSC
Valjoux 340Valjoux 75KVMRValjoux 84GHR
Valjoux 360Valjoux 76Valjoux 86
Valjoux 5Valjoux 76RValjoux 88
Valjoux 54VBValjoux 77 ECOValjoux 886
Valjoux 551Valjoux 77Valjoux 88VZHCL
Valjoux 555Valjoux 7700Valjoux 89
Valjoux 55VBRValjoux 7720Valjoux 89DXC
Valjoux 562Valjoux 7721Valjoux 8KL
Valjoux 57Valjoux 7722Valjoux 9
Valjoux 57TValjoux 7723Valjoux 90
Valjoux 59FSDValjoux 7730Valjoux 92
Valjoux 61VBBValjoux 7732Valjoux 9KVR