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Ebosa Watch Mainspring NOS

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Ebosa 105Ebosa 25Ebosa 52. 54
Ebosa 119Ebosa 251Ebosa 61
Ebosa 1197Ebosa 25 OJ.Ebosa 623
Ebosa 124Ebosa 26Ebosa 64
Ebosa 130 h 134Ebosa 28Ebosa 69
Ebosa 1316Ebosa 44Ebosa 70 plat
Ebosa 1333Ebosa 46Ebosa 71
Ebosa 1344Ebosa 49Ebosa 84
Ebosa 1529Ebosa 49 HEbosa 85
Ebosa 175Ebosa 50Ebosa 85 N
Ebosa 175 NEbosa 501Ebosa 86. 87
Ebosa 180Ebosa 510Ebosa 93. 94
Ebosa 22Ebosa 51 ancienEbosa 99
Ebosa 23Ebosa 51 nouveau
Ebosa 25

Ebosa Calibre Movement and Spares

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Ebosa.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Ebosa 86Ebosa 87